Ok, so where do I start?

This is a blog about all the crazy things in my rather busy life and me trying to get through this motherhood business with only a few muttered swear words throughout the day.

A little about us! We are a family four. A midly insane mum (thats me.), one man child; G, and two daughters; P whose 5y/o and I whose 1y/o. We have two dogs called Murphy; a Bedlington terrier and Honey; a rather spirited Pointer!

Myself.. I’m a stay at home mum and I’ve just made the choice to pull P from school and home school her. I’m nervous! I may mutter  A LOT more swear words but I’m sure it’ll be worth it… maybe. Come the weekend and its time for some real hard work. Im kidding… I’m a childrens entertainer.  I dress up as disney characters and entertain at parties. I fucking love my job.

So yea if you like screaming kids, crazy pets (crazy mums…) and a little dash of Disney,  stick around 😀