Sprinkling Magic.

So I’ve touched upon my job a few times before but haven’t posted about it properly yet. This isn’t entirely about my job (promise I’ll do one soon!) but I thought this time of year was perfect to share this.

What Christmas should be all about has been lost over the years, under the mound of presents and the last minute rush to get auntie Mildred’s favourite cheese before she pops over to tell you you’re parenting wrong.

On Wednesday life was put into perspective. A slap in the face and a reminder about how lucky I truly am. How lucky I am to have two healthy girls and a healthy family. On Wednesday I visited a Children’s hospital.

Well Ariel did anyway..

Myself and the two wonderful girls (if you’re reading this; which you better be, look how nice I’m being 😉 )  I work with dressed up in our Princess attire and went off to spread a little bit of magic. We were so lucky to be allowed to visit all of the Children’s wards in the hospital and spend time with the children. Watching there faces light up as we walked in as Ariel, Cinderella and Belle receiving a beautiful drawing each from one little girl, battling things that I can’t even imagine. She was a sweetie. Kind and bubbly and so happy to see us, greeting us with cuddles and conversation as we read her a princess story book. Some weren’t as lucky and could just about muster up a little smile or a wave. A little baby managed to reach out and touch my hand before snuggling back into his mum. Belles dress impressed, as did Cinderella’s sparkling smile.


It was such a rewarding morning. One I’m not sure I’ll forget anytime soon. I didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived. I was nervous, yet excited to help them forget their troubles even for a second. I’m a pretty emotional person when it comes to children but in the end my worries were forgotten because it was just so nice seeing them and doing something good.

Hopefully we will do some similar things soon and me and Cinders have a pretty extreme fundraiser to plan soon! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted! You can also check us out on the Bee Imaginative Facebook page.

So please everyone hug your little ones that little bit tighter, never forget how lucky you truly are and always remember that Christmas is for family.


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