Sunday, a day of… Muay Thai?!

No rest for the wicked as they say!

Sundays are always busy in this house! I’m either working, seeing family or watching P do her class. Sometimes I even join the circus and somehow juggle that into one day.

As most of you know we home school which means keeping P social is really important to us, especially as she is a social kid anyway! So a few months ago we signed her up to Muay Thai (Thai boxing). The man child of the family already trained MMA at the same gym and she seem interested so we went for it.


I couldn’t be happier with how she’s doing! She goes to Banbury Martial Arts Centre and honestly loves it.  It keeps her active and she’s made some good friends! She adores her coach (and even raided her piggy bank to buy him a coffee today) and he’s fab at keeping her motivated and in check! She’s a bit ummm spirted sometimes 😐 but he takes it all in his stride!

The gym is like a big family, they really do look after each other! They have all welcomed both G and P with open arms (even if there’s boxing gloves attached to the end). I can hand on heart say I’ve never seen a gym like it. G is an unsociable arse most of time and I literally had to force him to go and see what they were all about  as he’s the sort of person  that just moans and says he wants to do something but never does; I call him a tomorrow person. However he’s never looked back since joining up and I even get to watch Hollyoaks, Made in Chelsea and other things he pretends to hate without having to explain to him what’s going on all the way through, whilst he’s there.

So that’s how we spent our day today! Muay Thai is a big part of us keeping P social and active and another example of natural socialisation and why home school kids aren’t hermits that never leave their shells.

G said I had to add a photo of the ‘boys’. So here they are!

Check out the gym and give them a like here! Oh and if you’re local you know where you should be sending your offspring!



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