To playdough or not to playdough.

I know. It’s fucking messy, they mix the colours and it always ends up somewhere it shouldn’t but its actually really easy and fun to make especially when its scented like Christmas and not that awful smell the stuff from the shop has (I mean seriously, vom.)


So here’s my quick guide to making the stuff your kids love and you hate. The measurements are in cups because I find it easier for children this way.

You Will Need.

Two cups of plain flour.

One cup of salt.

Five table spoons of cinnamon.

One cup of water.

Two table spoons of oil.

Food colouring (up to you)

First things first you have to mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then you mix the water and oil (and food colouring if you’d like to) together in a jug. We home ed so we spoke a bit about the water and oil separating and P decided it was now a witches potion. Once the  oil and water is mixed up pour them into the bowl of dry ingredients. This bit is a bit messy! Now its time to get your hands in and knead it all together (if you used food colouring, gloves might be a good idea!). Keep kneading until its well, like playdough.. If it’s too sticky add some more flour, too dry add some more water!


You’re done. I told you it was easy! You now have playdough that smells like Christmas  but is still equally as annoying. It needs to be stored in the fridge in a zip lock bag to keep it from going hard. It’s also safe if your small tries to take a sneaky nibble (why do the do that?!?), although I’m sure it doesn’t taste good.

What we did with ours?


We did mark making! Which sounds pretty dull but actually kept both the one year old and five year old entertained for ages! We grabbed a load of things from around the house and P had to guess how many different marks they would make. It ended up being a bit of a free for all and I is not a natural sharer but it was still good fun! I think the masher was the most popular and the best idea, until dinner time where I actually needed it and it was covered in playdough.

P.s I’m so fucking happy I have my laptop back oh and I made this.


It’s a bunny. I know, I know it’s THE best playdough bunny you’ve ever seen!


7 thoughts on “To playdough or not to playdough.

  1. Great idea to get them to think about what marks each tool would make. That’s how you make artists I think! Love the addition of cinnamon. I bet it smells wonderful even dry. Thanks for the great ideas!


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