Lest we forget.

Now a serious post isn’t going to be a common thing on this blog, however I wanted to do a quick post to show what me and P have been up to today to show our respect and to teach P all about Remembrance Sunday.

We had already bought our poppies on Friday so first off today we logged into twinkl (as always) and we watched some power points on what today was all about. We learnt about what veterans were and who it was today was remembering. P asked a bit about why they were fighting. I didn’t go into it massively but briefly explained that people don’t always get a long. I don’t want to scare her, just educate.

Next we made a wreath! P loved it! We worked together (including G) to make a beautiful paper poppy wreath. We’re lucky enough to have a beautiful memorial statue in a local park in our town so were best to visit.

We made our way to the park and I spoke to P about being respectful. We wanted her to know that today was a lot more personal for people who had lost loved ones in the war. We got there and saw the poppy wreaths surrounding the memorial and some things people had left on the outside. We picked a spot and hung out wreath on the railings.

You see today is about the bigger picture. What people did for their country and for in reality complete strangers. I wanted P to understand what people did and to be grateful. Sometimes she can lose here head a little and get greedy and ungrateful like any five year old who wants everything she can see in the shop, so today was an important lesson for her. An important lesson to everyone. Be grateful for what people have done and sympathise with the families that have been broken.

Lest we forget.


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