We Made Brownies.

So this last week and a half we’ve been getting into the flow of home schooling! We’ve been printing, making, planning and stressing. Stressing that I wouldn’t be good enough, she’d fall behind, we’d drive each other completely fucking insane but we haven’t we’re both still alive, we actually still like each other and both still enthusiastic about this new venture!


The Basics?

So home schooling isn’t like you’d imagine. It was incredibly easy to start doing literally one letter to the head teacher de-registering her and everyone is entitled to do so! The school was surprisingly supportive! They even sent me a letter wishing us all the best. I’ve already learnt that everyone does is differently. Some people unschool; where you learn through life and don’t do lessons. Others follow the curriculum, have tutors and full proper lessons. Either is perfectly fine and either is ‘allowed’. Oh and some wing it.. I would say we were winging it… definitely. We kind of have a plan but we wont stress out if life takes over for a while.


At the moment P has asked to learn about the Antarctica, which is cool! We’re learning  a lot together, however we did stumble across a video of a seal mating with a penguin.. (yes apparently that does happen and I’m telling you now the penguin really wasn’t fucking happy about it). Mummy what’s that seal doing?! Urmmm. th2dhdwyux


Well today we did some handwriting practise and made brownies. Yep that’s it. We were both feeling like a chilled out day and that’s allowed!

Phoebe read the recipe and measured out what we needed. She used maths and literacy skills just by making them. She also learnt cooking skills, about being safe in the kitchen and even washed up afterwards! Life skills are just as important, especially when it involves not having to wash up myself.. I mean she actually enjoyed it and I’ll be reminding her how much she loves washing up when she’s a stroppy teenager.

OH!! and she also learnt the huge importance of licking the spoon… However I think she was clued up about that any way 😉



Our favourite resources at the moment are twinkl which is fab for all the worksheets that we use! We’ve signed up to premium and it was so worth it!

I also love the Facebook group I’ve joined. Home schooling UK. Everyone is so friendly and answers all my stupid questions. They also have really good ideas to help with the projects P wants to do. I asked if anyone had any ideas about studying the Antarctic and next thing you know they flood the post with loads of cool shit, including an arctic webcam!


Just thought I’d add the brownies were delicious. I mean that’s according to the overgrown arsehole Honey who broke into the dining room and helped herself to them, All of them. She didn’t get the memo that dogs can’t have chocolate. She’s a dick. Here’s a guilty Honey face to finish. DSC02826.JPG


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