15th July 2017- My wedding.

Shit. That’s not that far away.

We’re not having a traditional wedding AT ALL! More like a festival. We’ve rented a big field where everyone can get drunk, listen to some live bands and camp over. Perfect ay?! Well lets hope!


I’m going to keep updating this post with all the details, worries and stresses so keep a look out.

The Food.

No three course meal here. We’ve found an awesome friend of a friend who is cooking us all some amazing Mexican food! Tacos, burritos, nachos, homemade guacamole !! We tasted it all last week and oh my fucking god. It was delicious! BEAN DIP! I forgot the bean dip oh my god, yum. Im one hundred percent going to get it all down my dress but I feel like it’ll be worth it. I mean my dress is amazing but I can’t turn down a messy burrito. What’s for desert?! Well! We’re having a table full of yummy shit. We’re having a naked wedding cake, sweet shop sweets, brownies and everything else I need to stop eating so I can actually get into my fucking dress. We’ve also hired an amazing bar! Its all in the back of a retro van. They even make a shot that tastes like a cherry bakewell. Lifes complete. Click here to check out The Bar!.

Its ivory and pretty.

I can’t really say much about my dress.. I feel like G is stalking my blog and will see. So yeah its pretty.

Tattoo, on your wedding day?!

Yep. We are heading straight from the ceremoney to the tattoo shop to get some matching tats. We’ve both got quite a lot already! I’ve even got my knees done (ouch. shit. fuck) they’re roses and look pretty sick. You can wait till the big day to see what we’re getting!

Our Little Yellow Escort.

Ok. So I LOVE this car. We’re lucky enough to own the most beautiful yellow mk1 escort! She’s so bright and pretty (and the reason I NEED yellow jimmy choos to match). I’ll be going to the ceremony in her then we’ll be driving ourselves to the reception ( and the tattoo shop!)


The Little Details.

So invites are the bain of my life. Lets make them ourselves I said.. They are looking pretty cool but we’ve got so many to make I’m going to go fucking insane. We’re saving a fortune though (positive thinking and all that).

I’ll leave it here but its not the end! Nope, soooo much more to do!



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