What’s that coming over the hill..

Oh my god.

What a busy week! I have someone new to introduce to you…. Meet Honey! Honey1.jpg Our new insane pointer puppy.

Honey is a rescue pup all the way from Cyprus. We met her when we was out on holiday and after a long two months we finally got her last Thursday!! She’s very well travelled… She flew to Paris and then a courier brought her over to the uk.

She’s a massive eight month old arsehole who chews everything in her way and takes everything and anything off the kitchen sides.. including tea cups. I mean really?! I actually have to keep on top of my washing up now. She also likes to go for huge walks, which is fab so do we! I mean her actually using the great hour and a half opportunity to go for a toilet would be good but hey the house as soon as we get back is cool too……

She does make it for it though. I mean I do actually like her! She loves to just sit and have a cuddle unlike Murphy (he’s the other doggy twat) who insists on trying to get his dog breath all other my face.. I mean I have seen you lick your own arse and have shit for desert. Please don’t.

So anyway! Here’s Honey, wish me luck. I might need it.


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