Am I Crunchy Enough?

So I guess stereotypically I’m a Crunchy mum. I breastfeed my toddler, I cook home cooked meals most nights (yep only most, soz), I home school, I practice attachment parenting, bed share  and I TRY to parent as gently as I can.

But I’m not crunchy… what even is that?! Who the fuck came up with that name. I’m completely make up obsessed does that take away my crunchy badge?! I mean I wear MAC. Is that allowed? Can I still eat my steak (rare please, almost mooing.)?

Why is parenting so categorised? Its like school. The cool kids, the geeks, the sporty ones.. Its insane. I’m just trying to keep my girls alive the best way I know.

Oh shit. I babywear too! I’m sorry I forgot that one. I mean I do it because my koala child doesn’t shout at me this way not because I hate prams. In fact I loved my bugaboo (RIP) she was beautiful. I do hate steps though and going the long way round because of the devils with four wheels. Currently crushing on my connecta for all that care! Its super comfy.

Earlier I said I home ed. Technically I do now. It’s all pretty new to us! Its been two weeks. P just keeps telling people we’re ‘chilling’ at the moment which we are but next week we’re going for it. Apparently she wants to learn about the arctic, cars, witches, owls, eggs (and if a human could lay one somehow..), yoga and space. All on Monday. I mean I’m feeling tired already.

So anyway there was actually a point to this post. I just wanted to say straight of the bat that the only thing that is Crunchie around here has honeycomb in the middle. Never strive to be a stereotype, yourself is always the better option.



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