Hello, hope I don’t bore you…

I mean sometimes I bore myself and I definitely bore my OH, but what does he know anyway.

So I think the ‘about’ section tells you enough about me and my family (If you haven’t read that bit, please do. I mean you won’t know who or what the fuck I’m on about if you don’t..)

I’m a complete insomniac so expect some random blogs at random times. Also expect me to forget you all completely and not post for a couple of weeks.. Life gets busy and my youngest is pretty much a koala bear most of the time.

If you don’t like swearing I’d just go now.. You’ll probably think I’m a bit of a arse anyway. That’s ok though.

So my first blog post was pretty rubbish. Only way is up? No turning back? Onwards and upwards? or maybe you’ll not come back and I’ll just talk to myself.

Lets wait and see.


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